UKOSF Time Trials - Wednesday 15th July 08:00 - Sunday 20th September 2020 21:00

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UKOSF Time Trials

Before you enter UKOSF Time Trials

For the last weekend of the competition you will be able to book a 1 hour slot if you have done the course before and want to do a quick run before heading to another venue.

Please be aware that if you chose 1 hour you will have limited time to get ready and practice especially if you want to squeeze two timed runs in.

We will be holding a series of short course time trials in association with UKOSF.

You are in with a chance to appear on a national leader board, you will need to be a UKOSF member to take part and book your session before arriving to compete.

If your not a member you can still post a time on the OPP leader board

There are some covid restrictions to movement around site but these are all in the rules and there is clear guidance on site.



  • You MUST bring ALCOHOL BASED hand sanitiser with you
  • You MUST use hand sanitiser AFTER using EACH obstacle, IT IS IMPORTANT YOU ALLOW THIS TO DRY BEFORE YOU USE AN OBSTACLE, THERE IS A RISK OF BURNS TO YOUR HANDS FROM WET SANITISER,                                                                                                                                           ( Note : this rule is not applicable to time trials, YOU WILL HOWEVER BE ASKED TO USE HAND SANITISER BEFORE YOUR TIMED RUN AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU FINISH YOUR RUN)
  • Park in the designated area for your session
  • Stay by your car until you are meet 15 minutes before your session for a short briefing
  • Be ready to start your session as soon as your briefing finishes 
  • Maintain social distancing off 2 metres during your stay at OPP
  • Respect every ones space while you are training
  • Gloves are optional but advisable for obstacle practice - but are mandatory for fitness classes
  • If you wear gloves for obstacles you will still need to sanitise your gloves after obstacles.
  • Toilets will be open on a 1 in 1 out basis and you must bring your own HAND TOWEL
  • No spectators - unless you are competing in the trials
  • for some parts of the course it is not possible or practical to maintain the same level of cleaning as the rest of the course receives, these areas are signposted and will be pointed out to you and although hand cleaning spots are in use, you use this area at your own risk.
  • you CANNOT use the cleaned part of the course once you enter this area 

The Red Course

Sessions for a maximum of 8 people for a 2 hour session 5 for a 1 hour session.

There must be a minimum of 4 people for a 1 hour session and 8 for a 2 hour session for the session to go ahead, if the required number is not reached by 7.00pm the day before the session you will be refunded your session cost

The red course is in use for open practice, so if you want a pre time trial practice then there are times available

Extra times are added depending on time trials being sold or open practice being sold so it may vary from week to week for September

Wednesday will be one slot 7.00 - 9.00pm. 

Thursdays will be one slot 7.00 - 8.45pm


UKOSF Time Trials has been taken offline by the event organiser. For further information please contact the event organiser directly.

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About UKOSF Time Trials

Obstacle Play Park time trials in association with UKOSF.

Course length:- 220 metres

Obstacles:-       20

Penalties:-        There will be a 45 second time penalty for non-completion of an obstacle, to be added to the final time

Attempts:-         You will be able to have 2 attempts of the course per visit, as long as time allows and can practice on the day of your trail,  you can practice on the course anytime during open practice sessions but would have to abide to the hand sanitising rules for these sessions.

Obstacle List                                                          Completion Requirements 

  1. Three foot hurdle                                                   Clearance                                          

  2. Three foot hurdle                                                   Clearance

  3. Four foot wall                                                         Clearance

  4. Four foot sloped wall                                             Clearance

  5. Six foot wall                                                           Clearance

  6. Ninja rings                                                              Bell

  7. Trapeze rig/uneven Monkey bars                          Bell

  8. Low rig                                                                   Bell

  9. Spartan beater                                                       Bell

  10. High rig                                                                  Bell

  11. Ring traverse/monkey bars/beast bars                  Bell

  12. Eight foot wall                                                         Clearance    (modified rule for juniors)

  13. Six foot sloped wall                                                Clearance

  14. Balance beam                                                        Clear red line

  15. Farmers walk                                                         Completion of walk   (lighter carry)

  16. Balance beam                                                        Clear red line

  17. Low rig                                                                    Clear red line

  18. Climbing wall                                                          Bell

  19. Irish Table                                                               Clearance 

  20. Leap of faith                                                           2 feet on landing platform

Completion of a timed run will be when both feet are on the finish mark.



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