OPP Spartan Time Trials - Sunday 1st August 10:00 - Tuesday 30th November 2021 10:00

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OPP Spartan Time Trials

Before you enter OPP Spartan Time Trials

OPP Spartan time trial is a chance to train under more race like conditions, 32 Spartan type obstacles and carries over 1km.

Its a self timed event with penalties for failed obstacles or you can go head to head with somebody or just run round with friends for fun.

You will be set two at a time at 30 second intervals , Racers will be set of first best time is currently 11mins 7sec, there is an opportunity to run more than once but you will need to have started your second attempt by 9.40 cut of time is 10.15.

Rules (These are going to kept simple)

  • 15 burpee penalty for obstacle failure, you have to attempt the obstacle first
  • On single obstacles first to touch the obstacle has first attempt-if you fail you go straight to your burpees
  • Fastest time must be a clear round to be recorded
  • You must be considerate of others during your round, if somebody is clearly faster than you then give way to them
  • Be honest - there is nothing to be gained by cheating - i expect everyone to take there penalties if needed and to be honest with there timings  



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Contact OPP Spartan Time Trials

  • Phone: 07802754624