OPP MaxFit - Friday 3rd April 17:30 - Friday 31st July 2020 22:00

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OPP MaxFit


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About OPP MaxFit

During the time we are closed during the corona virus outbreak I will be running a OPP MaxFit online session, it will be an all bodyweight session which we can adapt to the space you have available.

MaxFit is a high intensity workout which will include jumping, floor work and fast movements all for short sharp bursts of short sets of exercises with minimal breaks in between rounds, if you have ever done or seen an insanity workout think along those lines, water and a towel will be needed.

It will be run via the zoom app which you can download for free to either a phone, laptop or tablet, you can see me and other participants too, once you buy your ticket you will receive a code and login for your chosen class. 

Tickets are £4 per HOUSE HOLD 

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Contact OPP MaxFit

  • Phone: 07802754624