Farmoor Triple Crown 2022 - Saturday 16th 08:00 - Monday 18th July 2022 00:55

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Farmoor Triple Crown 2022

Before you enter Farmoor Triple Crown 2022

Become the best of the best at the Farmoor Immortal Weekend.

Who will be brave enough to challenge for the Triple Crown?

Only the most hardened athletes will endeavour to complete all 3 elements over the weekend 10K, Sprint and Middle Distance to secure a place in the Triple Crown Hall of Fame.

Entrants will be treated to a VIP experience, with:

An Triple Crown Hoody on registration
Sports Therapy Massage on the Saturday
Food and Drink Vouchers
VIP Transition Area
On completion of all three events, you’ll be inducted into the Triple Crown Hall of Fame and will receive a very special finisher’s memento.

(Limited to 35 entries)


Farmoor Triple Crown 2022 has been taken offline by the event organiser. For further information please contact the event organiser directly.

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