Archallagan tree race - Sunday 28th 09:00 - Sunday 28th August 2022 12:00

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Archallagan tree race

Before you enter Archallagan tree race

Off road running race in and around the trees of Archallagan plantation. Races will be split into categories according to age and ability.

U13s & U16s will race together and will consist of 2 & 4 laps respectively  

Over 16's will be split into;

Cat A will be 6 laps,

Cat B will be 5 laps

Cat C 4 laps, this will keep all the races roughly the same length of time. 

This event is trying to be about short, close racing but mainly having fun, it is spectator friendly as the course double backs on itself multiple times, creating lots of great vantage points. The short (just shy of 800m per lap) course means runners will be able to see who they are chasing or who is chasing them!

This will be a stand alone event, with the intention of hopefully putting a full plantation series together next year (if the entries and feedback suggest it will work).



£ 5.00
Archallagan tree race A £ 5.00
Cat A (Ages 16 - 130)

£ 5.00
Archallagan tree race B £ 5.00
Cat B (Ages 16 - 130)

£ 5.00
Archallagan tree race C £ 5.00
Cat C (Ages 16 - 130)

£ 5.00
Archallagan tree race U16 £ 5.00
Under 16's (Ages 13 - 15)

£ 5.00
Archallagan tree race U13 £ 5.00
Under 13's (Ages 10 - 12)

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About Archallagan tree race

Registration is between 07:30 - 08:30 at the top of the car park

Trail or fell shoes strongly advised

Sighting lap before racing recommended

Carpooling/ giving lifts will help with congestion in the car park, if car park is full, it is asked if you could use one of the other car parks at the plantation then run/ walk over to signing on (use it as a bit of a warm up)

To work out what race you should be in, all you need to do is have a look at what time you can do a 5k run in. 

Cat A - 6 laps, this will be for the elite runners, experienced off road runners who can do sub a 21min 5k 

Cat B - 5 laps, is for the ones who are in the middle, they do 21 - 28min 5k but are still looking for a race

Cat C - 4 laps, is for the plus 28min 5k guys and the newcomers to off road running. This is a great introduction into getting down and dirty and experiencing what the island has to offer other than the pavements, guaranteed the most smiles per mile in this category. 

U13's 2 laps, U16's 4 laps, it is what it says it is, whatever your age is on race day tells you which race you will be in. 

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