HMT 2021: Nine Lives - Virtual Challenge - Monday 24th May 01:00 - Saturday 5th June 2021 00:55

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HMT 2021: Nine Lives - Virtual Challenge

Before you enter HMT 2021: Nine Lives - Virtual Challenge

The Challenges

Cyclists 175 miles: The Donington
The original crucible - the precise distance between London and Donington following our traditional route via some lovely countryside and pubs.
333 miles: The Bomber
A proper mission! In honour of Lemmy, who always loved a double.
666 miles: The Ride of the Beast
The ride of the Beast. Woe to you, who commits to this challenge.
1000 miles: The Trooper
The bugle sounds and the charge begins! A truly epic distance only to be undertaken if you’re truly in peak condition.

35 miles: The Snaggler
Named after Motorhead’s Snaggletooth: walk, run, or hike your way into the annals of heavy metal history!
50 miles: Running Wild
If you’re truly up for an epic challenge, then this distance: equivalent to the first leg of the HMT cycle to Donington, is epic as it gets!

Custom Challenges

Mountaineers and swimmers and rowers, oh my! Want to take on your own challenge? We welcome all physical efforts in support of HMT, so get in touch! 
A note on those differently abled: HMT welcomes people of all abilities. If these challenges we've listed don't make sense for you then we encourage you to get in touch with us at and we'd be happy
to tailor a challenge that's right for you!


Entrants will be added manually to this event. Please contact the HMT directly in order to be added.

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About HMT 2021: Nine Lives - Virtual Challenge

Since 2013 the Heavy Metal Truants have cycled from London to the hallowed grounds of Castle Donington and Download Festival. Open to all, our charity ride has seen metal fans, bands, and industry types getting on their bikes and raising over £800,000 in the process. 

Our chosen charities, who work so hard to support children and young people, need our support now more than ever. And so we call on all metalheads from around the world to join us in the name of heavy metal.

Between May 24th and June 6th, the weekend of Virtual Download Festival, we invite you to enter the annals of Heavy Metal Truants fame with challenges from cycling, walking, running, and many more. All proceeds will go to Teenage Cancer Trust, Childline, Nordoff Robbins and Save the Children who’ve been hit hard by these troubled times and have continued to do their work through it all.

The Challenges

If you’re a first-time adventurer or a seasoned endurance athlete, there’s a Heavy Metal Truants event made for you. 

For more information on the ninth Heavy Metal Truants challenges, head to:

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