Gurkha Pentathlon Team Challenge - Saturday 30th 09:40 - Saturday 30th October 2021 18:00

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Gurkha Pentathlon Team Challenge

Before you enter Gurkha Pentathlon Team Challenge


8:40 hrs - 1st Team Registers for 9:00 hrs Start

Subsequent Teams Register every 20 Minutes

14:40 hrs – 17th Last Team Registers for 15:00 hrs Start

Every Team has to complete 5 Challenges within 2 hours (Each Challenge is limited from 10 to 20 minutes)

1) Communication Challenge: Communicate through different means to complete task, requiring thinking differently under a time constraint.

2) Teamwork Challenge: Collaborate to complete an obstacle course whilst supporting each other – this will be a timed event.

3) Command Challenge: Work collectively to complete the task, requiring teamwork, command, control and shared goal for success.

4) Fitness Challenge: Military fitness style event involving carrying, supporting and motivating each other to complete the challenge.

5) Skills Challenge: Final task requiring individual skill and teamwork to complete, within a timed environment to heighten the pressure.

17:00 hrs – Prize-Giving Gurkha Trophies (photo bottom right) to be held for one year awarded to: 1) Top Team, 2) Top Fundraising Team, 3) Top Fitness Team

17: 30 hrs – Event Close


Registration for this event has now closed.

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About Gurkha Pentathlon Team Challenge

The Gurkha Welfare Trust Jersey (GWTJ) Pentathlon Challenge will be the first of its kind in Jersey, challenging Teams of six individuals over five military style tasks. The Pentathlon Challenge will test communication skills, leadership, teamwork, fitness and skills. The revenue and charitable donations from this event will be used for funding developing schools in Nepal providing children with education facilities, building Community Centres, and providing local water and sanitation projects in Gurkha villages. This event will raise awareness and support for GWTJ’s work in partnership with Jersey Overseas Aid Commission (JOA). 

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