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The use of personal stereos, iPods, phones or other music devices is not allowed under UKA rule 240 S5 – the wearing of headphones, or similar devices, (other than those medically prescribed), is not permitted in races on any single carriageway road that is not wholly closed to traffic.

  • The wearing of such equipment may prevent you from hearing instructions from marshals and other event staff as well as the hearing of sirens/horns from emergency services and other vehicles. By wearing such devices you are putting yourself and those around you at risk. 

  • Rule 240 S5 also accepts use of conductive headphones, however the final decision lies with the Event Organiser, and we DO NOT allow their use as it is impossible for marshal to differentiate between them and other types of headphones when runners pass them. 

  • The Event Organisers will have no responsibility should this rule be ignored. Please do not risk our ability to be granted a future licence.  

  • Runners seen to be wearing headphones will be disqualified by the Event Organisers 


In our ongoing quest to reduce plastic at running events Salisbury Half Marathon will be a cupless event. This means at the drink stations we will not be providing plastic cups/ bottles of water. There will be water stations where volunteer marshals will be more than happy to fill your own drinking vessel.

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School In A Bag

Registration Number: 1186357

Disasters Emergency Committee (on behalf of RaceNation Events)

Registration Number: 1062638