Exmoor Classic 2022 - Saturday 2nd 15:00 - Saturday 2nd July 2022 21:00

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Exmoor Classic 2022

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The Immortal Classic Exmoor 3:00pm Saturday.

The Classic distance race will use 1 lap of the bike route from the Immortal Half Exmoor and the 10k route from the Saturday morning.

Competitors take to the lake for a single lap of one of most beautifully located bodies of water in the country, before heading out on a partially closed road route on the fine Somerset and Devon road network.  The final discipline will be a 10k run within the beautiful Wimbleball countryside affording outstanding views.


£ 89.00
Unaffiliated Entry
£ 86.00
Standard Entry
+ Admin Fee £ 3.00

£ 86.00
Affiliated Entry
£ 83.00
Standard Entry
+ Admin Fee £ 3.00

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