Jersey Cricket - Lionesses Summer Camps - Monday 2nd 09:00 - Friday 6th August 2021 16:00

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Jersey Cricket - Lionesses Summer Camps

Before you enter Jersey Cricket - Lionesses Summer Camps

Welcome to the sign up page for the Jersey Cricket Lionesses Summer Camps.

The dates for the summer camps are:

Softball Cricket @ FB Fields - Monday 2nd - Friday 6th August

Hardball Cricket @ FB Fields - Monday 2nd - Friday 6th August

Here you can find out more information regarding the sessions available throughout the week of holiday camps. Players of all experience and abilities are welcome to attend. The three different sessions available on both weeks are as below:

Softball - 9am-12pm (School Years 2-5): these sessions are softball only and focus on fun skill based games. The aim is for the players to enjoy the sport and learn a few tips along the way!

Beginner Hardball - 1pm-4pm (School Years 5-7): these sessions contain a hybrid of hard and incrediball elements. The aim is for players to build confidence with a hardball and learn the tactical side of the game through match/net practice.

Advanced Hardball - 1pm-4pm (School Years 7+): these sessions are hardball only and focus on improving skills through match/net practice. The aim is to provide an environment for experienced hardball cricketers to continue their learning under the supervision of qualified coaches.

***Players must sign up based on the school year they were in for the 2020/21 school calendar year***

All sessions will be led by qualified coaches and supported by assistant coaches who are DBS checked and hold safeguarding children certificates.

Please ensure the player's name is entered on checkout and NOT the parent signing them up.


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