Farmers Caesareans - 2022 - Monday 31st January 12:00 - Sunday 28th August 2022 00:55

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Farmers Caesareans - 2022

Before you enter Farmers Caesareans - 2022

Welcome to the Farmers Caesareans Cricket Club sign up page!

Here you can register your child for the 2022 My Club My Journey season with Farmers Caesareans.

Found in the heart of the countryside, Farmers Caesareans have experienced a lot of success in local cricket in recent years due to the production of several senior island players including current captain Chuggy Perchard. A fantastic club atmosphere can be found at Farmers Field. 

If you are buying tickets for more than one child in your family then please email to receive the code for the 20% discount.

Bi-annual payments must be paid in full by 1st June 2022.

You must select from one of the ticket options below to begin the process. Please ensure you enter your child's name when filling out the registration page.


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