Cream Tea Caper 2022 - Sunday 24th 10:00 - Sunday 24th July 2022 18:00

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Cream Tea Caper 2022

Cream Tea Caper 2022 has been taken offline by the event organiser. For further information please contact the event organiser directly.

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About Cream Tea Caper 2022

Jolly Running's Cream Tea Caper is an 8 hour, laps event based in the stunning gardens of the Double Locks pub with the course set in the gorgeous Riverside Valley Park in Exeter. EX2 6LT.

 **** THIS IS A CUPLESS EVENT **** You can purchase Jolly running squishy cups on the day for £4

Please don't be put off by the 8 hour element... This is a very friendly and relaxed event where you don't have to run for the full 8 hours. The beauty of it is you only have to do one 3.3 mile lap to claim your Cream Tea and medal.

The route is a flat off road route on canal paths and riverside pathways, each loop is 3.3 miles, you can run as many laps as you like in 8 hours. The route is along the beautiful pathways around the Exeter canal.

You can take as many breaks between laps as you need but the clock is still running. Relaxing in the Double Locks garden really is lovely. There is a play park there for your children.

You can Run Solo as an individual or you can run as part of a Relay Team of up to 4 runners ( teams - only one team runner on the course at a time ).

How far do I have to run? And do I have to run for the full 8 hours? How far you run is completely up to you, you definitely don't have to run for the full 8 hours and you only have to complete one full lap to receive your individual cream tea in a box and your medal. You can set your goal at any distance. 1 lap? 2 laps? Half Marathon? Marathon? Ultra? Or don't set a distance and see how you feel at the end of each lap as to whether you decide to do another. There have been lots of 'accidental marathons' and ultras at the Caper's.

The Cream Tea Caper Race HQ is handily situated in the beautiful grounds of the Double Locks pub which is situated on the canal banks, each lap you can visit our 'Jollification station' where you can refuel on water, squash, sweets, cakes and savoury snacks. We also provide vegan options. The aid station is Covid safe. 

There are 250 places available.

Each finisher is rewarded with:

A Bespoke Cream Tea Caper Medal

An individual Cream Tea in a box, consisting of a scone, mini jar of strawberry jam and mini pot of clotted cream, napkin & wooden knife. (all compostable and recyclable)

Tea, coffee and other drinks are available to purchase from the Double Locks.

Places limited to 250

Minimum age requirement is 18 years old on race day.

Sorry but we cannot facilitate Cani-cross at this event, but your dogs are very welcome in the Double Locks Pub and gardens.

Race registration opens at 08:15am

Race starts at 10:00am

The latest time a new/final lap can be started is 5:45pm

8 laps equates to a marathon.

 We are listed on the 100 marathon clubs events and running 8 laps counts as a full marathon.

Please follow our facebook page to stay up to date on the event and information of other events.

Bespoke prizes hand made from recycled acrylic and reclaimed oak are awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd man and lady and to the 1st Team of 2, 3 and 4 who complete the most laps in the shortest time. 





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