Brighton Pier Swim 2019 - Saturday 27th 12:00 - Saturday 27th July 2019 18:00

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Brighton Pier Swim 2019

Before you enter Brighton Pier Swim 2019

Please note that no refunds can be given for this event in the advent of a rearranged date due to sea and weather conditions forcing a postponement. The reserve date is the weekend of 10/11 August, if the event can not be held on this date your entry will be carried over to the 2020 event. This is due to the very unpredictable nature of sea swimming events and the upfront costs that are involved, this is the only way that events like this one can be planned. All entrants must be over 16 at time of event and capable of swimming in the sea. 

Brighton Pier Swim 2019 has been taken offline by the event organiser. For further information please contact the event organiser directly.

About Brighton Pier Swim 2019

A 1.2km swim around Brighton Pier. Start on the east side of the pier and finish on the west side of the pier. 

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