Peak District Pom: Wells Edition. A score Orienteering event. - Saturday 25th June 00:00 - Sunday 3rd July 2022 23:00

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Peak District Pom: Wells Edition. A score Orienteering event.


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About Peak District Pom: Wells Edition. A score Orienteering event.


The Pom is based upon a score orienteering style event using the free iOrienteering app. The idea is to score as many points as possible by visiting as many virtual GPS control locations as possible within a set time limit (2 hours). When you pass within 20 metres of the control point the app will log it as complete. These controls may be visited in any order and are set up in a selected area but in a random manner. A visible point value is assigned to each control according to its distance from the start/finish or difficulty of location. The start is a fixed point and so is the finish. You must start at the start and finish at the finish. For every minute you go over the time limit you will lose 3 points.

Whoever has the most points at close of play is the winner. If its level on points, quickest wins.

A PDF map is provided when you enter detailing the full area of play, but it won't have the control points on (start and finish in Youlgrave will be marked). 24 hours prior to the event opening a further map will be released with all the control points marked. You then have the duration of the event window to have a go at the route. You can have multiple go’s over the event time frame.

The event is being run in conjunction with Erewash Valley RC and there is a separate event around the Erewash area (Sandiacre, Derbyshire NG10) . Details of the Erewash event can be found HERE


To win will be tough. This is going to be competitive. There’s only 1 person that will know the control locations in advance but there will be plenty of local knowledge out there. You will simply be able to call yourself The Pom and have your name in very big letters across the Internet. You will go down in history as the 1st ever winner of The Pom and you’ll get a medal (individual winner only).

Points: Each Control point is worth a value of points. The majority are worth 10 points. Some may be worth more. With the race map you’ll be supplied a list of all the controls with the points value. This is also displayed in the app once the event is loaded.

Individual: Highest score wins. If a tie it will be highest score, most checkpoints visited, quickest (you score individually even if you're in a team/pair).

Team: A sum of your 4 highest scoring team members (you can have as many as you want in a team). If you're entering as a club split yourselves by calling yourselves different names eg ROY A, ROY B.

Pair. Its a sum of your scores.

Team and Pairs scoring: you'll score individually so it tactically may be best to split up.

More Info

Location and Parking: The Youlgrave Coldwell End car park has public toilets and is free. There is a second car park 800 meters away at the other end of the village by the football club. There are also public toilets near the village hall in the middle of the village. The village is a working village and can get busy with walkers so please park sensibly (think tractors need to get past). A village map is on the bottom of this page.

We have 3 pubs, 2 village shops and a bakery. The event is free so it would be much appreciated if you pop into 1 of those. The week of the event is also Well dressing time of year so make sure you have a look at the Well (its the finishing line) and again it'll be much appreciated if you drop some change in the donations tin. Here are our pubs and the bakery also has outdoor seating. The village shop also does excellent cakes.

The George Hotel: Alport Lane, Youlgreave, Bakewell DE45 1WN 01629 636292

The Bulls Head: Fountain Square, Church St, Youlgreave, Bakewell DE45 1UR 01629 636307

The Farmyard Inn: Main St, Bakewell DE45 1UW 01629 636221

Peak Feast Bakery: The Workshop, Moor Ln, Youlgreave, Bakewell DE45 1US

The event is geared towards runners, but it's free and there’s nobody hanging around on the course waiting about…so if you fancy having a walk and exploring, enter anyway. Enter solo, pairs or a team day out.

Navigation Skills. You will need some basic nav skills. However the control points will be on public paths and in a set area, so if your navigation isn't great you may miss a few controls but its google maps friendly (its built into the app to show your location and the controls location). There’s plenty of ways to get back to a lane to get you back to the village i.e.with basic map skills or downloaded google maps you’ll not be more than 3miles at any point away from the village.

Control Locations: There is no grand design. We’ve just picked nice places to run. The 1’s furthest away or up a big hill are worth more points. There are more control points than is possible to visit. The skill is selecting which route you think is the most efficient to hit as many as possible before the clock runs down..and obviously running quickly is an advantage. And you can have multiple goes over the space of the race open window to experiment with routes.

Terrain: The controls will be scattered off road and some parts will be muddy if the weather is not behaving. And we are in the Peak District so there will be hills, however we’re the rolling meadows end of the Peak District so expect the hills from the sound of music scenery as opposed to bleak technical Moors and Tors (we do have some but won't be using them on this event).

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