Totally Muddy @Ashcombe - Sunday 15th 09:45 - Sunday 15th March 2020 10:00

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Totally Muddy @Ashcombe


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About Totally Muddy @Ashcombe

Totally Muddy @Ashcombe - Sunday 15th March 2020

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud, what is better then a nice Muddy Run? Getting your feet and dare we say your legs covered in mud as you run on the trails! Here at Winding Paths we love muddy trail runs and the Totally Muddy @Ashcombe is a 100% trail run on muddy woodland paths.

Your choice of 5k or 10k (2 loops of the 5k) around the private woodlands at Grammarcombe Woods just off the A38 at Ashcombe. Or why not do both distances and get really muddy?

We love MUD, lots of it, these routes are muddy fun with a few hills thrown in for good measure!

Bespoke Totally Muddy Medal for all finishers.

As its the Race Directors Birthday there will be cake to celebrate

5K starts at 9.45am.

10K starts at 11am

Hot Drinks van on site.

Did we say that these routes are Muddy Fun yet?

Entry Limit 250

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