True Grit Wetwheels Challenge - Sunday 18th 08:00 - Sunday 18th October 2020 15:00

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True Grit Wetwheels Challenge

Before you enter True Grit Wetwheels Challenge

Important Entry / Race Information  

  • All age eligibility is on the day of the race – Sunday 18 October 2020. All Participants must be over the age of 18 years.  
  • All competitors must wear their race t-shirts, which will be handed out at Race Pack Collection on Friday  before race day
  • Please read the T&Cs including our refund policy document, all can be found on the website. 
  • The course and distance are subject to the shape of the quarry in the build-up to the event.  
  • Kit Requirements: 
    • Every competitor must wear closed-toe shoes during the race (old trainers are perfect). 
    • We strongly recommend wearing gloves and wet winter running gear
    • We strongly recommend that all competitors bring a towel and change of clothes for the end of the race. 

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About True Grit Wetwheels Challenge


The True Grit Wetwheels Challenge is a fun, but challenging adventure course across different terrains and multiple obstacles. The event will take place in Ronez Quarry on the North Coast of Jersey. Competitors will start 36 metres below sea level…that’s right 36! 

There will be obstacles for our competitors to tackle. The course will test their physical & mental strength and endurance!

The event was created to raise money and awareness for Wetwheels Jersey, who create the Wetwheels experience which is designed to enable every disabled person the chance to experience the excitement of powerboating. Wetwheels boats are truly unique by being fully accessible – not just giving people the chance to be a passenger, but also to take the helm as the skipper – everybody gets the chance to drive!

Take part with your friends or take on the challenge solo! Limit spaces available, don't miss out!

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