True Grit Wetwheels Challenge 2024 - Sunday 28th 09:00 - Sunday 28th April 2024 15:00

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True Grit Wetwheels Challenge 2024

Before you enter True Grit Wetwheels Challenge 2024

Important Entry / Race Information  

  • All age eligibility is from 31 August 2024. 
  • All competitors must wear their race t-shirts, which will be handed out at Race Pack Collection on Friday 26 April.
  • Please read the T&Cs including our refund policy document, all can be found on the website. 
  • The course and distance  are  subject to the shape of the quarry in the build-up to the event.  


We are very sorry, but all entry places for the True Grit Wetwheels Challenge event are now sold out. Please register your interest on the waiting list. 

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About True Grit Wetwheels Challenge 2024


The True Grit Wetwheels Challenge is a fun yet challenging obstacle run located in Ronez Quarry. The challenge is split into five categories and there is a distance for everyone. Check out the distances below.

- Obstacle Solo (16+): take on the obstacle route solo (approx 5km).

- Obstacle Team (16+): teams of three will take on the obstacle route with the support of their teammates. (approx 5km)

- Run Only (16+): A run-only route with no obstacles (approx 5km)

- Youth Challenge - Short Course (Year 4+): take on a shorter obstacle route (approx 2K)

- Youth Challenge - Long Course (Year 6+): take on a longer obstacle route (approx 4K)

The challenging course is set in a unique and stunning location, taking runners on a challenging adventure through the Ronez Quarry site on Jersey’s rugged North coast.

The physical but fun route involves tough terrain and challenging climbs, all whilst navigating around the gigantic Ronez machinery and equipment!

Set in one of Jersey’s most remarkable environments, runners will start their race in a series of waves at the top of the quarry, then make their way 30 metres below sea level to the pit before starting the climb back out. This tough course is made well worth it by the panoramic views over to the North coast of Jersey at the finish.

The pit is currently at 30 metres below sea level the team at Ronez Quarry may get as low at 36 metres below sea level by race day – the course may change with the quarry depth, so runners should be prepared for a maximum distance of 5KM with a total elevation of 130m!

Our challenge has been created to raise funds and awareness for the local charity, Wetwheels Jersey. Wetwheels Jersey provides the opportunity for all disabled people, including those with profound and complex disabilities, to access the sea in a safe, stimulating and rewarding way on board a specially built, fully accessible powerboat.

Get your friends, family and colleagues involved in this challenging run to raise money for Wetwheels Jersey.

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