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About Uturn Back 2 Basics

Who is U-Turn Back 2 Basics?

Uturn Back 2 Basics is a company that believes in the power of nature and the importance of returning to the fundamentals. We provide experiences that inspire, challenge, and make a difference in people’s lives. Our offerings include bushcraft, hikes, camping, and outdoor adventures, all of which provide practical and life-changing skills.

At Uturn, we value respect, responsibility, and resilience. Respect is a core principle for us, as we believe in treating ourselves, others, and the environment with utmost respect. We practice leaving no trace behind, ensuring we have minimal impact on the natural surroundings.

Responsibility is another key value we hold dear. We take ownership of our actions and choices, recognising the impact they have on ourselves, others, and the environment. We strive to make and encourage responsible decisions and actively seek to overcome challenges and difficulties with courage and perseverance.

Finally, we embrace simplicity, authenticity, and creativity in everything we do. We find joy in the beauty, diversity, and mystery of the environment and appreciate what it has to offer. By fostering a sense of connection to nature, we believe we can inspire individuals to live more fulfilling and engaged lives.

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Uturn Back 2 Basics Community Hike Cadair Idris with the option to Camp 2nd/3rd of August 2024 - 02/08/24 - 03/08/24
£ 25.00
Uturn Back 2 Basics Community Hike & Campfire Meal
£ 25.00
Hike and Campfire Meal (Ages 18 - 130)
Linked to Charity: Uturn Back 2 Basics (Good Cause)

£ 20.00
Uturn Back 2 Basics Community Hike
£ 20.00
Hike Only (Ages 18 - 130)
Linked to Charity: Uturn Back 2 Basics (Good Cause)

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