Sunset Surf Tri - Friday 2nd 17:00 - Friday 2nd July 2021 20:00

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Sunset Surf Tri

Before you enter Sunset Surf Tri

Guernsey's first Swim - Paddle - Run event delivered by Try A Tri Guernsey and Guernsey Surf School, taking place the evening of Friday July 2nd at Vazon Bay!

An event inspired by the Aussie Surf Lifesaving Champs (not Baywatch!) and our love for triathlon, surfing and anything beach related!

Join us for a fun evening at the beach with events for junior age groups, adults individual and team relays We will also be entertained by the exciting 'pros' team relay event where teams from the Guernsey Tri Club and Guernsey Surf School will go head to head in action!

The Clean Earth Trust will also be at the beach and invite you to take part in their beach clean activities!

ADULTS (ages 14+):

All adults events start from 6.30pm

Individual Open Event

Swim approx 300m, paddle a surfboard (provided by GSS) approx 300m, and run approx 800m on the beach. There will be two rounds and then a chance to take part in the final round with prizes up for grabs! The first 3 men and women from each round will be invited to join the final round.

Team Relay

Enter your ultimate Surf Tri team with a swimmer, a paddler and a runner! Teams can be either a two or three and can be male, female or a mixed team. Distances will be the same as the Individual Open event.

CHILDREN (ages 6-13)

All junior events start from 5.15pm

Ages 6-7 a splash in the sea, a short paddle (with optional assistance from a parent / guardian) and a run of up to 200m on the beach

Ages 8-9 a swim and paddle in the shallows up to 100m, and a run up to 400m on the beach

Ages 10-13 a swim and paddle up to 200m, and run up to 600m on the beach.

All distances may be altered depending on conditions on the day.


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about Sunset Surf Tri

The Sunset Surf Tri is an event organised by Try A Tri Guernsey and the Guernsey Surf School. The GSS are kindly providing all surfboards for the event.

The price of your ticket goes towards covering the cost of the event. Any remaining profits will be shared with the Clean Earth Trust.


This is a fun, inclusive event but all adults (ages 14+) must feel confident swimming out of depth in open water. Brief paddling demonstrations will be provided by the Surf School prior to your event. 

Your events will start from 6.30pm, sign in from 5.45pm. All adults must have signed in and be ready for the briefing and paddling demo by 6.15pm.


All children (6-7) should be able to swim 2 lengths in a pool without assistance (no swim aids) as a guide to the level of swim experience required to complete this event in the sea. Paddling demonstrations will be provided prior to children's events.

Children's events will start at 5.15pm, with sign in from 4.30pm.  All children must have signed in by 5pm.

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