Paradise Island Swim 2020: Intention To Qualify - Saturday 1st August 2020

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Paradise Island Swim 2020: Intention To Qualify

Before you enter Paradise Island Swim 2020: Intention To Qualify

Before you register your intention to qualify for the Paradise Island Swim 2020, you should be confident that you can commit to the appropriate training required (pool and open water) to swim 5km (or 2.5km for relay entrants) in open water, and within the qualifying time of 2 hours or less. You should also be able to commit to attending as many of the group open water training swims as possible.


Intention to Qualify for Try A Tri Guernsey's Paradise Island Swim 2020 is now closed. You can be added to the waiting list - please get in touch with us via 

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About Paradise Island Swim 2020: Intention To Qualify

On Sat 15th Aug 2020, Try A Tri Guernsey will be leading the second Paradise Island Swim in the event's history: a 5km open water swim from Guernsey to the Paradise Island of Herm. In order to take part in the event, you MUST register your Intention To Qualify by completing this online process. Please spend some time reading through all of the instructions and disclaimers.

Qualification requires you to complete the 5km swim from Havelet to Fermain Bay and back in two hours or under. Ideally you will also attend as many group training sessions as possible. Our qualifying group swim takes place on 1st August (weather dependent; time tbc). If you cannot make the qualifying group swim on 1st August, you should find another group, or arrange your own swim, to complete this 5km open water swim in the qualifying time of under 2hrs, and provide evidence to the event organisers.

Group training in the open water takes place on Sundays, usually in the afternoon. The proposed dates are May 31st, June 14th, June 26th, July 12th and July 26th. You should try to come to as many as you can, but we advise everyone to at least attend the session on June 14th (open water skills development) and the qualifier practice session on July 26th.

Intention to qualify costs £55 and includes a Swim Training Guide, up to 5 group training swims (wih coaches and safety crew) and the group qualifying swim on August 1st. 


If you wish to take part in Paradise Island Swim 2020 as a relay team, please contact us first before signing up in order to discuss requirements.  Email

This event is delivered by Try A Tri Community LBG; a not for profit organisation that delivers fun, inclusive, non judgemental events, training and experiences for everyone. Any profits raised through our work are used to support wider work within the community to bring the benefits of swim, bike, run to those who need it most.

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