Paradise Island Swim 2021: Intention To Qualify - Sunday 1st 00:00 - Sunday 1st August 2021 23:00

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Paradise Island Swim 2021: Intention To Qualify

Before you enter Paradise Island Swim 2021: Intention To Qualify

This is your first step in swimming to Paradise in 2021! We are excited that you are at this stage of the process!

Registration for your Intention to Qualify costs £55.00

This covers the cost of our Ultimate Swim Training Guide, four open water group training swims with coaches and safety cover, and the Qualifier Swim taking place on 18 July which will include all safety crew and guard boats (and a small post-swim cake celebration!). 

This event is delivered by Try A Tri Community LBG; a not for profit organisation that delivers fun, inclusive, non judgemental events, training and experiences for everyone. Any small amount of  profit raised through our events is used to support wider work within the community to bring the benefits of swim, bike, run to those who need it most.

Before you register your Intention to Qualify, you should be aware of the requirements to swim to Herm and understand that training will be required. We require ALL swimmers to wear a wetsuit on longer training swims and on event day - however this does not have to be a full wetsuit.


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About Paradise Island Swim 2021: Intention To Qualify

On the weekend of Sunday 1 August 2021, a group of swimmers will be taking on Paradise Island Swim 2021: a 5km open water swim challenge organised and lead by Try A Tri Community LBG. This is the third swim in the event's history and we are excited to welcome a new cohort of Guernsey to Herm swimmers to the Paradise Swim community! 

In order to take part in the event, you must register your 'Intention to Qualify' by completing this online process. By registering you will become part of a group of people that will aim to complete the Paradise Swim Qualifier on 18 July 2021.

The qualifier is a 5km open water swim which should be completed within a 2 hour window. The completion of the qualifying swim is a mandatory requirement, in order to then enter the Paradise Island Swim 2021 event itself.

It is a requirement that those that register their 'Intention to Qualify' make a commitment to join some of the open water group training that will take place on several Sundays from May 2021. We encourage those aiming to qualify to attend as much group training as they can, along with their chosen support kayaker. Organisers of the Paradise Island Swim 2021 remind swimmers that in order to keep the group as safe as possible they need to get to know the swimmers in the group, before event day.

Provisional Open Water Group Training sessions:
Sunday 30 May
Sunday 6 June
Sunday 20 June
Sunday 4 July

Sunday 18 July 

All dates are subject to change.

Please spend some time reading through all of the instructions and disclaimers.    

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