Trinity Triathlon 2022 - Sunday 26th 07:00 - Sunday 26th June 2022 12:00

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Trinity Triathlon 2022

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To avoid disappointment we suggest that you enter as soon as possible. 

Please be aware that we are not able to refund duplicate entries so please liaise within your family to ensure the same competitor is not entered more than once. Additionally, since we encounter costs as soon as an entry is made, there is a strict *no refund policy. After a gap of 2 years it is hoped that  the event will take  place in 2022. *In the event of another cancellation because of Covid restrictions we guarantee a full refund to all competitors.  

Please note: Under British Triathlon rules, entrant age calculations are based on the age of the entrant as at 31st December 2022 (the year of the event).

When entering your e mail address and mobile number please ensure it is the parent / guardian contact (not the child) since we use this when sending all event information


£ 35.00
Junior (17 to 19)
£ 35.00
300m swim - 12km cycle - 2900m run

£ 35.00
Youth (15 to 16)
£ 35.00
300m swim - 10km cycle - 2500m run

£ 35.00
Tristar 3 (13 to 14)
£ 35.00
250m swim - 8km cycle - 2100m run

£ 35.00
Tristar 2 (11 to 12)
£ 35.00
200m swim - 6km cycle - 1700m run

£ 35.00
Tristar 1 (9 to 10)
£ 35.00
150m swim - 4km cycle - 900m run

£ 30.00
Tristart (8)
£ 30.00
50m swim - 1.1km cycle - 500m run

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About Trinity Triathlon 2022

Trinity Triathlon is a children's race set up as a legacy event from the 2012 Olympics. There are separate races for Junior, Youth, TriStar 3, TriStar 2, TriStar 1 and TriStar Start. The special feature for all ages is that the cycle phase takes place on closed road; the swim being in the Trinity School pool and run on the school playing fields.

Trinity Triathlon has been awarded London Region Children's Event of the Year for a number of years and was British Triathlon children's event of the year in 2016. The course is attractive to elite athletes (many in the GB squad) and the quality of pre-race information / support and marshalling on race day also makes it very suitable for children for whom it is their first ever triathlon.

For further information about the event please see our website, 

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