Treeathlon South East 2021 - Sunday 29th 09:00 - Sunday 29th August 2021 18:00

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Treeathlon South East 2021

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Treeathlon is a unique, environmentally friendly Duathlon event consisting of an off-road Trail Run and Trail Ride race in one of the country’s most scenic and stunning nature trail.   

Treeathlon was founded by people who have a passion for trail running and cycling and genuinely care about the planet.

We know that our world is changing, and the planet is facing one of the most complex environmental challenges, together we can do our bit to tackle the climate crisis.

One of the best ways to tackle the climate crisis and reverse environmental destruction is to plant more trees. Therefore, all proceeds from your Treeathlon race entry fee will go towards planting 10,000 trees in Africa.

So, if you have an appetite for a fun off-road adventure, and want to help fight climate change, this event is for you.

*Runners must be at least 16 years of age on the day of the race. 


Hazel 8: 3km Trail Run and 5km Trail Ride
£ 48.00
Standard Entry (Ages 16 - 80)

Moringa 15: 5km Trail Run and 10km Trail Ride
£ 53.00
Standard Entry (Ages 16 - 80)

Maple 25: 10km Trail Run and 15km Trail Ride
£ 58.00
Standard Entry (Ages 16 - 80)

OAK 35: 15km Trail Run and 20km Trail Ride
£ 63.00
Standard Entry (Ages 16 - 80)

  • This helps us plant 4 more trees This helps us plant 4 more trees


  • This helps us plant 8 more trees This helps us plant 8 more trees


  • This helps us plant 13 more trees This helps us plant 13 more trees


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About Treeathlon South East 2021

Treeathlon is a unique Duathlon event consisting of an off-road Trail Run and a Trail Ride in one of the countries most scenic and stunning nature trail.

The longer races are over more arduous terrain, while the shorter races are much easier terrain. We have designed TREEATHLON for everyone.




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