Round the Rock Ultramarathon - Saturday 6th 07:00 - Saturday 6th August 2022 19:00

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Round the Rock Ultramarathon

Before you enter Round the Rock Ultramarathon

Make no mistake this is a tough challenge and proof of prior experience of at least 2 x Trail Marathons or Ultras in the last 18 months will be asked for in race sign up. Please do not enter if you are unprepared for the possibility of not completing the race within the 12 hour cutoff – cutoffs are strict and you will not receive a medal if you finish past this time. Please do not put us in the awkward position of having to justify this to you on the day should you fail to meet the cutoff.

Please do not enter if you are not prepared for course markings only at decision points where there is a change to the route. This might mean no markings for several miles due to there being a straight path / road with no turnings off. It is your responsibility to keep an eye out for the signage, to be familiar with the course and/or to have a GPS device with the course .gpx file on it to help you navigate. 

We provide foods at aid stations as an addition to food you will have in drop bags. The food we provide is a top up and should not be relied on to get you round the whole course. We will provide sufficient water and coke for you whilst on the course and also additional water stops should it be very hot. 

Points to Note: 

Please note that trail shoes are mandatory for these races as the trails are slippery and with the potential to slip. There will be other mandatory kit items for this race which will be announced in due course. The race is a 48 mile race, however the distance will definitely not be bang on 48 miles, so please mentally prepare yourself for this. The course is marked to ensure that at decision points you will be told where to go, the general principle of these types of races is one of adventure so each twist and turn will not be marked, however as long as you keep the sea on your right all the way round, follow footpaths unless indicated to do otherwise and pay attention to the signage on the course you will be fine.

Water stations are approx 10 miles apart on this course: you are expected to carry water receptacles to carry enough water to sustain yourself between these stations and if it is a hot day whilst we will ensure we have sufficient water at the checkpoints to ensure your safety it is your responsibility to carry enough water to hydrate yourself. We will also be going cupless, therefore if you wish to drink coke or squash at water checkpoints you will be required to carry your own re usable cup. Because the race is in August, it will generally be expected that it will be warm – please train in anticipation of this and take all necessary precautions to ensure your comfort and warmth on the day. On the aid stations there will be supplies such as coke, sweets, some savoury food and some soups on at least one of the stations, however runners are expected to bring enough calories to support themselves, with the food at CP’s being supplementary to this. 


Five Person Relay Team - 48 Miles: Sold out
Standard Entry

£ 90.00
Two Person Relay Team - 48 Miles
£ 90.00
Team of 2 ( 2 x Ages 17 - 130 )

£ 70.00
Individual - 48 Miles
£ 70.00
Standard Entry (Ages 17 - 130)

£ 55.00
Individual - 26.2 Miles
£ 55.00
Standard Entry (Ages 17 - 130)

£ 40.00
Individual - 13.1 Miles
£ 40.00
Standard Entry (Ages 16 - 130)

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About Round the Rock Ultramarathon

Jersey is famous for many things: potatoes, Bergerac and cows being the most obvious, but Round the rock is an unforgettable gem of a race that will literally take your breath away.

We have Solo, 2 person and 5 person relays, marathon and half marathon options and the race starts in St Helier. The route hugs the coast of Jersey in an anti clock wise direction and runners are in for a treat: beautiful scenery, rare wildlife, and friendly runners are par for the course. Whilst the island itself is only 9 miles by 5 the route is 48 miles. Be sure to not miss out on this and sign up today!

Trail Monkey are so excited to take over this iconic Channel Isles race after the great job Digby Ellis-Brecknell did in creating this race and then keeping it going for the first 9 years. We had a great tenth anniversary race in 2020 despite the current climate of races being cancelled. We are looking forward to the next ten years of this amazing race, and hope you join us!

The race starts from the Steam Clock in St Helier and follows the coastal road past the first check point at St Catherine’s Breakwater, overlooking the Normandy Coastline. The route then switches from tarmac to trail with the cliff paths that start at Rozel and then take in the the stunning granite cliffs of the North Coast then after this the golden sands of St. Ouen’s Bay.  We then go on to the beautiful South Coast, with St Brelaides and St Aubins and finally on to the finish. The route is stunning but challenging so do not be fooled: At approximately 48 miles (77Km) and approx 5000ft of ascent this race is a landmark challenge for all who take part!! 

Round The Rock has proved a favourite for many and they return year after year to soak up the relaxed atmosphere and testing course. Round The Rock is perfect race for those wanting to step up the distance and enter the ultra world or as training for a longer event.

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