Double Top Ultra 2023 - Saturday 6th 08:00 - Saturday 6th May 2023 20:00

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Double Top Ultra 2023

Before you enter Double Top Ultra 2023

Starting at St Catherines making your way to Grosnez via the beautiful and dramatic coastal path, a little loop out to Le Tacq and then heading back along the same route back to St Catherines. One way is tough, but there and back is monumental!

– Numerous beautiful sights
– 12 Hour Cut off
– One will of iron needed….

Upon discretion of race organizers, evidence of having completed a marathon or trail marathon or similar (open to interpretation..) may be required. This is a long, difficult race with a 12 hour cutoff, as a duty of care we are liable to ensure the suitability of entrants.

We are proud to be a UTMB qualifying race for 2021 (3 Points) as well as a ratified member of the ITRA

Like the idea of the Double Top but not quite ready yet?
Why not get together with another runner and do the relay instead? A great opportunity to see what the race is all about, explore the beautiful Jersey coast path, get a lovely medal and have that warm glow of achievement at the end. The come back the next year and do the full thing!! 

Relay Race Information
1 team member starts at the start with the solo runners and then the 2nd team member takes over at Les Landes (Gun Batterie Molke) – the half way checkpoint of the Ultra. The cumulative distance is 40 miles, all rules and conditions apply to the relay as in the solo race – please see above re kit items and other guidance. 


£ 100.00
Two Person Relay Team - 40 Miles
£ 100.00
Team of 2 ( 2 x Ages 17 - 130 )
100 Tickets Remaining

£ 80.00
Individual - 40 Miles
£ 80.00
Individual Entry (Ages 17 - 130)

£ 50.00
Individual - 20 Miles Entry
£ 50.00
Individual - 20 Miles Entry (Ages 16 - 130)

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About Double Top Ultra 2023

Important Race Information:


Please note that trail shoes are mandatory for these races as the trails are slippery and with the potential to slip. There will be other mandatory kit items for this race which will be announced in due course.

The Course and Markings

The race is a Ultra marathon (40 miles) however the distance will definitely not be bang on 40 miles, so please mentally prepare yourself for this. The race is intended to be a challenge, the course is marked to ensure that at vital decision points you will be told where to go. The general principle of these types of races is one of adventure so each individual twist and turn will not be marked, however as long as you keep the sea on your right on the way out, on the left on the way back, follow footpaths unless indicated to do otherwise, have your wits about you and pay attention to the signage on the course you will be fine. If you have any doubt about the course we have provided a GPX file of the course on this page. It is advisable to download this to a device for reference.

Food and Drink Water Stations

Are 7 miles apart on this course and you are expected to carry water receptacles to carry enough water to sustain yourself between these stations. If it is a hot day whilst we will ensure we have sufficient water at the checkpoints to ensure your safety it is your responsibility to carry enough water to hydrate yourself. At each aid station there will be food sufficient to provide basic calories to help you on your journey, generally this will mean crisps, savoury snacks, squash, coke and sweets, if you require additional food please ensure you have this either in your pack or in your drop bag. This race is now cupless, therefore if you wish to drink coke or squash at water checkpoints or at the end, you will be required to carry your own re usable cup. Because the race is in May, it will generally be expected that it may be hot – please train in anticipation of this and take all necessary precautions to ensure your comfort on the day.

Medical Conditions

If you suffer from any medical conditions please ensure that you place a Red Cross on your race number before race day, and write your medical conditions on the back of the race number with a I.C.E. contact also.


Jersey is accessible from most major UK airports. The island is serviced by British Airways, Flybe and EasyJet and if booked well enough in advance flights can be very reasonable. In terms of accommodation, most is centred in St Helier, there is a Premier Inn and many other hotels in the town. Jersey Travel is a great website to check out for bookings also.

Getting to the Race Start

If staying in St Helier, there is a bus station near Liberation Square. To get to St Catherines you need the number 2 bus. Allow 30 mins or so for the journey. Bus timetables are here  – there are taxis available as well in St Helier.

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