Beast of the East Trail Half Marathon 2022 - Sunday 6th 09:00 - Sunday 6th November 2022 13:00

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Beast of the East Trail Half Marathon 2022

Before you enter Beast of the East Trail Half Marathon 2022

Please note that trail shoes are mandatory for these races as the trails are slippery and with the potential to slip. There will be other mandatory kit items for this race which will be announced in due course. The race is a trail 1/2 marathon, however the distance will definitely not be bang on 13.1 miles, so please mentally prepare yourself for this. The course is marked to ensure that at decision points you will be told where to go, the general principle of these types of races is one of adventure so each twist and turn will not be marked,  however as long as you keep the sea on your right on the way out, on the left on the way back, follow footpaths unless indicated to do otherwise, have your wits about you and pay attention to the signage on the course you will be fine. 

Water stations will be regular intervals  apart on this course and you are expected to carry water receptacles to carry enough water to sustain yourself between these stations. If it is a hot day whilst we will ensure we have sufficient water at the checkpoints to ensure your safety it is your responsibility to carry enough water to hydrate yourself. Since 2019 we have been cupless, therefore if you wish to drink coke or squash at water checkpoints you will be required to carry your own re usable cup.


£ 40.00
Individual Half Marathon Entry
£ 40.00
Standard Entry (Ages 17 - 130)

£ 30.00
Individual 10km Entry
£ 30.00
Standard Entry (Ages 17 - 130)

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About Beast of the East Trail Half Marathon 2022

Starting at St Catherines woods, the race will go through the woods and make its way to Rozel, then on to the northern coastal path taking on some of the most technical and tough terrain the North Coast cliff paths have to offer. It will be tough make no mistake but it will be beautiful as well and rewarding with stunning views, breathtaking climbs and quad bashing descents!

We have 120 places only for the half marathon and only 40 places for the 10km race so if you are keen to get involved don’t sit on the fence get in early! 

Your entry fee will cover the race organisation and marking and you will receive a race t shirt and medal for taking part. There will be water stations at regular intervals along the course (to be confirmed).

A portion of the entry fee will be donated to the The Size of Jersey. 

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