3 month JTC Beginner/Intermediate Autumn/Winter Plan

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3 month JTC Beginner/Intermediate Autumn/Winter Plan

About 3 month JTC Beginner/Intermediate Autumn/Winter Plan

The plan caters for athletes that have just started triathlon and have competed in a few local races such as the try a triathlon and Super League.
The plan will have the option to do up to 2 pool swims, 2-3 bike rides and 3-4 run sessions a week from October to December 2019. It will also give you a chance to train in a group with athletes of a similar ability and make your training experience more social and fun.
The plan is ideal if you want to maintain a level of fitness through the autumn and winter. It will help you prepare for your 2020 triathlon race season.
A Training day will be held and is included when you purchase the plan.

A typical week will be:
Monday - Swim
Tuesday - Interval Cycle - outdoor and an indoor option and optional easy run
Wednesday - Track or interval run session if you can't make track
Thursday - Day off or optional easy cycle
Friday - Swim
Saturday - Park Run or long easy run
Sunday - Long Cycle up to 2hrs and the occasional run off the bike

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