Town and Gown Virtual 2020 - Monday 6th April - Thursday 7th May 2020

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Town and Gown Virtual 2020

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To enter multiple people: Simply add the desired number of tickets you want. The registration form will require you to enter full details of everyone you are paying for.

To create or join a group: This option will appear at the bottom of the registration form once you have filled out all of your details. 

Entry fee: All entrants who submit evidence of their run will receive a 2020 Town and Gown medal. Any existing Oxford Town and Gown 2020 entrants will be sent information to claim their free place for the Virtual event. Entry fees cover administration, postage and packaging costs for the charity.


Thanks for entering the Town and Gown Virtual, entries are now closed. Due to the flexible nature of this event, please get in touch with the Town and Gown team on and we may be able to support you still completing this. 

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About Town and Gown Virtual 2020

After the disappointment of having to postpone Oxford Town and Gown 2020 due to the current coronavirus situation, we wanted to give runners an alternative way of completing their race.

A virtual race allows you to either run 3k, 10k, or 10-miles at a time and date that suits you, in the location that you are staying. You'll still receive the satisfaction of completing the run, sharing with others and receiving a well deserved medal, sent to you in the post once you have uploaded your run. 

We do ask that you complete this run as your 'one form of exercise a day', that you only run if and when you are feeling completely well, and that you complete it only with those that you are living with (at a safe distance). Perhaps consider taking it a bit easier, to ensure you keep a strong immune system during this unsettling time. 

Wear orange, enjoy it, eat some cake at the end! 

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