Swim Run Jersey 2024 - Saturday 14th 00:00 - Saturday 14th September 2024 15:00

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Swim Run Jersey 2024

Before you enter Swim Run Jersey 2024

Saturday 14 September 2024
Swim Run Jersey is a demanding physical event which is split into four distances; Intro (4km), Sprint (20km), Standard (33.4km) and Full (53km). 

We recommend those new to the swim run consider competing as part of a team and/or choosing either the Intro or Sprint distances. 

In person race pack collection and kit check will be on Friday 13 September 2024 and unless otherwise agreed, a mandatory briefing will be held remotely on the same evening. 

Jersey Tri Club members are entitled to a discount, please contact Vaughan Robinson for more details.

All Participants MUST have the following:

  • Suitable footwear, a whistle, race bib (provided at registration) and swim cap (provided at registration)

All Participants on the Full, Standard and Sprint distances MUST have the following:

  • A Swimrun wetsuit suitable for cold water swimming and a reusable cup, flask or bottle.

All Participants competing as an individual MUST have the following:

  • An inflated and brightly coloured tow float.

All Participants on the Full distance MUST have the following:

  • 500ml bottle/bladder 

Participants on the Intro distance MAY:

  • Participate in a trisuit (or similar) but we recommend a wetsuit.

All Participants MAY use the following:
Paddles, pull buoy, fins, tow line and any nutrition and hydration that they are prepared to carry with them for the duration of the race.  Fins must not extend more than 15cm beyond the toes and any float may not be larger than 100cm by 60cm. Goggles are optional but recommended.

No powered propulsion devices are allowed.  No outside assistance is allowed.


£ 57.75
Intro Solo (Gorey Castle to St Catherines)
£ 55.00
Standard Entry (Ages 15 - 100)
+ Admin fees £ 2.75
40 Tickets Remaining

£ 178.50
Sprint Solo (Gorey Castle to Sorel)
£ 170.00
Standard Entry (Ages 18 - 100)
+ Admin fees £ 8.50
12 Tickets Remaining

£ 315.00
Sprint Team (Gorey Castle to Sorel)
£ 300.00
Standard Entry ( 2 x Ages 18 - 100 )
+ Admin fees £ 15.00

£ 346.50
Standard Team (Gorey Castle - Grosnez Castle)
£ 330.00
Standard Entry ( 2 x Ages 18 - 100 )
+ Admin fees £ 16.50

£ 451.50
Full Team (Gorey Castle to Portelet Bay)
£ 430.00
Standard Entry ( 2 x Ages 18 - 100 )
+ Admin fees £ 21.50
42 Tickets Remaining

About Swim Run Jersey 2024


Swim Run Jersey offers four race distances:

Intro - 4km: "under an hour" (Gorey to St Catherines): three runs (2.8km), two swims (1.6km) (Individuals only)

Sprint - 20km: "3 to 5 hours" (Gorey to Sorel): six runs (15km), five swims (4.8km) (Teams and Individuals)

Standard - 33.4km: "4 - 6 hours" (Gorey - Grosnez): seven runs (28.5km), six swims (4.9km) (Teams only)

Full  - 53km: "most of the day" (Gorey to Portelet): nine runs (46km), eight swims (6.6km) (Teams only)

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