Sussex Under 13 Open Meeting - Thursday 10th 18:00 - Thursday 10th June 2021 21:00

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Sussex Under 13 Open Meeting

Before you enter Sussex Under 13 Open Meeting


Thank you for entering the Sussex AA Under 13 Open Meeting taking place on Thursday 10th June 6pm-9pm. Some events are also open to Under 11s (9 years and up).

Entry for Sussex (club, school or residence only).

The meeting will be closely adhering to the Covid-19 event guidance provided by England Athletes. Please ensure you have read this guidance before entering

Athletes can enter no more than 2 events

Athletes can only compete in either the 600m or 1000m.

For full information please head to our event website:

Entries close at 11.55pm on Saturday, June 5.

Track Timetable

75m (boys) – 6.30

75m (girls) – 6.50pm 

600m (boys) - 7.05pm 

600m (girls) - 7.20pm 

150m (boys) – 7.40pm 

150m (girls) – 8pm 

1000m (boys) – 8.20pm 

1000m (girls) – 8.40pm 

Field Timetable

High Jump (girls)  - 6.30pm

Discus (boys) - 6.30pm

Long Jump - Pool 1 (girls) ­- 6.30pm

Long Jump – Pool 2 (girls) – 7.15pm

Shot Put (boys) – 7.15pm

Discus (girls) – 7.15pm

High Jump (boys) – 7.45pm

Javelin (girls) – 7.45pm

Long Jump – Pool 1 (boys) – 7.45pm

Javelin (boys) – 8.15pm

Shot put (girls) – 8.15pm

Long Jump – Pool 2 (boys) – 8.20pm

Pools will be allocated after entries close.


Registration for this event has now closed.

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