The #MyMiles Challenge for SportsAid Week - Sunday 1st September 01:00 - Tuesday 1st October 2019 00:55

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The #MyMiles Challenge for SportsAid Week

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The #MyMiles Challenge is back….and it’s bigger and better than ever! On average, a SportsAid athlete covers around 40 miles under their own steam in training every week. The Challenge, which launched in SportsAid Week 2017, encourages supporters to keep these young sports stars company by undertaking physical activity and posting the distance they cover on social media.

This year the challenge is taking place throughout the whole of September. How you choose to cover the miles is entirely up to you! We would love to see a diverse range of activity. Remember....if it's not easy to record the distance of your activity....20 minutes = 1 mile. The combined total is close to breaking 20,000 miles from the last two years. So what are you waiting for?! Register today!


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About The #MyMiles Challenge for SportsAid Week

The #MyMiles Challenge pays tribute to the commitment, dedication and sacrifice shown by talented young athletes as they pursue their ambitions. A combined total of 19,722 miles was accumulated during SportsAid Week 2017 and 2018. The #MyMiles Challenge is growing in popularity why not join the movement and help support the next generation of sporting heroes?

Race Nation allows you to set up a sponsorship page, via Sports Giving, if you would like to raise funds for SportsAid through the Challenge. Fundraising is a key income stream for the charity and SportsAid Week has generated close to £150,000 since 2016. The success of the initiative's inaugural year has led to SportsAid Week becoming an annual fixture in the sporting calendar. 

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