Saddleback Sodbury Sportive 2022 - Sunday 14th 08:00 - Sunday 14th August 2022 13:00

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Saddleback Sodbury Sportive 2022

Before you enter Saddleback Sodbury Sportive 2022

Sodbury Sportive 2022 - Event Cancelled

Entries for this year’s Saddleback Sodbury Sportive have been stubbornly slow coming in and have fallen well below pre-pandemic levels. Given all the financial pressures in society at present and the currently high residual levels of Covid, we don’t expect these numbers will improve, and so the Trustees of All-Chipping-In have decided that the 2022 Sportive is not financially viable in the current circumstances. We do not want to put on an event which falls short of all our expectations so, with deep regret, we have decided to call off the event now rather than incur further costs without the expectation of providing an acceptable return to all our charitable causes.


This has been a very hard decision to make but we hope everybody will understand why it was made.

Refunds will be available to all those that have already entered, information to follow shortly

With our best wishes,

The Trustees of All-Chipping-In.

Saddleback Sodbury Sportive 2022 has been taken offline by the event organiser. For further information please contact the event organiser directly.

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About Saddleback Sodbury Sportive 2022

Choose from 4 routes for a great day cycling in the countryside.  We aim to provide one of the best sportive experiences, great routes, tasty food stops, post ride food and music while donating 100% of profits to charity and good causes.  Run by volunteers, with all chipping in, to make a great event.


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All Chipping In (Hawkesbury Cricket Club)

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