RUN FOR ROTARY CHALLENGE - Wednesday 1st July 01:00 - Saturday 1st August 2020 00:55

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Missing your races - Try the Run for Rotary Virtual Challenge !! 

There is a choice of five distances -

  • Marathon
  • Half Marathon
  • 10K
  • 5K
  • 1K

These must be run in a single attempt but as it’s a virtual challenge, the course can be at the runner’s discretion.  Anything from a glorious run across the Downs to several circuits of your back garden will count, provided the appropriate distance is covered in one attempt.

The Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K are for adults only, the 5K and 1K for all ages, although we recommend supervision for the younger runners.

The entry fee for the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon is £10, the 1K is £5.  Upon registration, each entrant will be given an option to have their own donation page created, to accept additional sponsorship from friends and family.  

On completion of the run the participant will receive a unique commemorative medal (See image on right). 

You have a choice for your donation for this event to be assigned to any one of three charities or split 3 ways, WOLO (We Only Live Once), BHF(British Heart Foundation) and our local Rotary charities.

See further details below.

RUN FOR ROTARY CHALLENGE has been taken offline by the event organiser. For further information please contact the event organiser directly.

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As many of you will know, the Martello Rotary club in Seaford has had to cancel the Half Marathon planned for July, and a further race, a Seaford Head 10K planned for September is in some considerable doubt. So as an alternative we are offering a virtual event during July, with all monies raised going to a mix of charities.

The loss of many fund raising events has resulted in an enormous loss of income for hundreds of charities that would normally benefit from these.  For example it had been expected that the Seaford Half Marathon would have raised at least £1.5K for the British Heart Foundation, and further funds for other local charities.  In respect of the newly conceived Seaford Head 10K, Rotary’s aim had been to raise at least £1K for the local charity WOLO (We Only Live Once) for the support of the families of cancer sufferers, in addition to the other funds that are needed for local causes (e.g. Foodbank, Seaford Volunteers, RNLI, Youth Counselling).

So you have a choice to support any one of these three charities or all three where all monies donated will be split 3 ways, WOLO, BHF and our local Rotary charities.

In addition, free places in the equivalent 2021 races (Either Martello Half or Seaford Head 10K) would be awarded for the top fundraisers in the Marathon to 5K categories.  For the 1K there will be something more suitable for the younger runners.  There will also be spot prizes for the best social media posts of you completing the event, possible opportunity for fancy dress !!

There will be a slot on each runner’s record for them to certify completion of the event, and to enter their time for the run.  However the time will not be obligatory.  The important thing will be the money raised for the various charities. We will however publish a list of the times after the run.


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Event Charities

Martello Seaford Rotary, WOLO, British Heart Foundation (funds to be split equally by Martello Seaford Rotary)

Registration Number: 1101728

WOLO (Martello Seaford Rotary charity)

Registration Number: 1188412

British Heart Foundation (Martello Seaford Rotary charity)

Registration Number: 225971

Martello Seaford Rotary

Registration Number: 1101728