The Mince Pie 10 - Tuesday 1st 00:00 - Thursday 31st December 2020 23:00

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The Mince Pie 10

Before you enter The Mince Pie 10

Missing the Mince Pie 10 this year ?  Try the Seaford Striders Virtual Run !! 

For those who are missing their Mince Pie 10  this year, Seaford Striders, in conjunction with Seaford Martello Rotary  are offering this as a Virtual Run, to take place between December 1st and December 24th 

This race has been a regular event in the racing calendar, but current restrictions have put a stop to that.  However, the Striders are not usually able to participate in large numbers due to the need for them to marshal this event.  This year proves to be the exception, so you are invited to participate, gain sponsorship and ‘do your bit’ for the community, by raising much needed funds.

The race must be run in a single attempt and if you do it in groups, you must stick to the current restrictions on social distancing

As it’s a virtual challenge, the course can be at the runner’s discretion.  Anything from a glorious run across the Downs to lots of circuits of your back garden will count, provided the 10 miles is covered in one attempt.

As it’s a 10 mile race it’s mostly for adults only, adults being over 18’s although there is a Junior category for 16-17 year olds.

The entry fees will be is £10 and £8 for Juniors.  Upon registration, each entrant will be given an option to have their own donation page created, to accept additional sponsorship from friends and family.  We strongly encourage entrants to set this up, particularly as the charities concerned are suffering from loss of income due to the Covid pandemic.

You have a choice for your donation for this event to be assigned to any one of two charities or split 2 ways, WOLO (We Only Live Once), or our local Rotary charities.

What do I get? On completion of the run the participant will receive a unique commemorative medal (See image on right). 

When do we need to do it? The virtual run is being held over December, from the 1st December to the 24th.

Medals will be posted out for those who have completed of the distance shortly afterwards, (because of Christmas you may not get them until the New Year )

Is my time important? Even though the event will be run on various courses, the time for the Mince Pie 10 can be entered and will be displayed on a Leader board.  Strava integration is also now offered so you can submit your time via Strava or recording it via the RaceNation app. as detailed in the links below :-

How to Submit through RaceNation Timing

How to Submit through Strava

How to Submit through Manual Submission

See further details below.


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Even if you're not taking part in The Mince Pie 10 you can still do your part for a good cause by making a donation.

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About The Mince Pie 10

As many of you will know, Seaford Striders have reluctantly had to cancel the Mince Pie 10 planned for this December.  However, given the popularity of this iconic race we thought that we should give you the opportunity to do it as a virtual run.   So we are offering a virtual event during December, with all monies raised going to local charities!

The designated charity for the Mince Pie 10 this year is a local Seaford charity, WOLO (We Only Live Once) helping to support the families of cancer sufferers.  We are also supporting the Seaford based Martello Rotary club, who are helping us in setting up this event as a virtual run.

So how would it work?  Everybody that enters pays an entry fee, (£10)  and we will split the entry fee 50/50 between WOLO and Martello Rotary charities.  However we would strongly encourage you to also set up your individual sponsorship page, where you can choose donations to go to either or both of these two charities.

Wolo Foundation is very much dependent on your support.  Donated funds are used to pay for services and experiences to help make the day-to-day lives of families affected by cancer easier. Each of the families have very different on-going needs and WOLO  try hard to support them every way they can through various means. Regular cleaning, complimentary therapies, annual passes for local attractions (to help create memories as well as have somewhere to go to have a much needed ‘break’ from cancer), gardening, childcare, legal and fundraising help - to name just a few. They try to help them in practical ways to help make their cancer journeys that little bit easier.

Martello Rotary need funds to support the numerous requests received from local organisations, e.g.  Foodbank, Seaford Volunteers, Youth Counselling, and many others.  These are often not well known or large organisations, but usually consist of a few unsung heroes, working hard to help those less fortunate in the community, but often needing a little financial help just to carry on.  Obviously, this year has put many under immense strain, with demand for services massively increasing whilst fundraising opportunities have been reduced.  Martello Rotary is one of several local organisations that seek to help out.


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