RUN FOR ROTARY II - The Seaford Head 10K - Thursday 1st - Saturday 31st October 2020

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RUN FOR ROTARY II - The Seaford Head 10K

Before you enter RUN FOR ROTARY II - The Seaford Head 10K

Following on from the very successful Run for Rotary Challenge, Martello Rotary thought they would organise another virtual run for you but in this case, over a given course – the Seaford Head 10K.

This race had initially been planned as regular 10K, to be held in September, but the current restrictions have put a stop to that.  Not to be outdone however, we thought we’d offer you the opportunity to run this course, which we think offers some of the most beautiful and iconic views in the country. 

Alongside the 10K, there is a 1K option for juniors which can be run on any course.  These must be run in a single attempt but as it’s a virtual challenge, it can be at any time during the month of October.  If you do it in groups, you must stick to the current restrictions on social distancing. 

As before this will be a virtual run, but over the specific course that was originally planned for the 10K.  This is shown on the map downloadable here  (the 1K  can be along the seafront, or anywhere else appropriate)

What do I get? On completion of the run the participant will receive a unique commemorative medal (See Picture). 

When do we need to do it? The virtual races will have to be completed by the end of October and medals will be posted out for those who have completed of the distance shortly afterwards. 

In addition, free places in the 2021 Seaford Head 10k will be awarded to the top fundraiser and the fastest time for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Men and Women.  For the 1K there will be something more suitable for the younger runners.

So is my time important? Unlike the previous Run for Rotary, the time for the 10K will be displayed on a Leaderboard.  Strava integration is also now offered so you can submit your time via Strava or recording it via the RaceNation app. as detailed in the links below :-

How to Submit through RaceNation Timing

How to Submit through Strava

How to Submit through Manual Submission

As before we would like to use this event to raise money for a local charities  with our main focus being the Newhaven RNLI. .  So we are also offering two superb Community Calendars for sale with all profits from the sale of these going to Newhave RNLI.  You can add one of these to your Race Entry, or just buy one from the link below.  They come in two sizes, and we can also deliver to a separate address if you want to send one as an early Christmas Present.


10 K
£ 10.00
10K (Ages 18 - 130)

One Kilometer
£ 5.00
All Ages Entry (Ages 0 - 130)

  • Martello Rotary 2021 Community Calendar LARGE Martello Rotary 2021 Community Calendar LARGE


  • Martello Rotary 2021 Community Calendar SMALL Martello Rotary 2021 Community Calendar SMALL


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Even if you're not taking part in RUN FOR ROTARY II - The Seaford Head 10K you can still do your part for a good cause by making a donation.

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About RUN FOR ROTARY II - The Seaford Head 10K

Entry Fees and Donations

The entry fees for the Seaford Head 10K will go to support two charities, the amounts being split on a 50/50 basis, Martello Rotary and RNLI.

So how would it work?  As before everybody who enters will pay an entry fee, (£10 per entry or £5 for the 1K)  and we will split the entry fee 50/50 between RNLI and Rotary charities.  However we would also encourage you to also set up your individual sponsorship page, where you can choose donations to go to either or both of these two charities.

Martello Rotary need funds to support the numerous requests received from local organisations, e.g.  Foodbank, Seaford Volunteers, Youth Counselling, and many others.  These are often not well known or large organisations, but usually consist of a few unsung heroes, working hard to help those less fortunate in the community, but often needing a little financial help just to carry on.  Obviously this year has put many under immense strain, with demand for services massively increasing whilst fundraising opportunities have been reduced.  Martello Rotary is one of a number of local organisations that seek to help out.

Newhaven RNLI have had to cancel their fundraising fete.  This was to be their biggest fundraising event of the year, and along with all other events they had planned since March it is a huge blow to their fundraising totals.

Every penny raised from their events goes to the RNLI and funds the boats, equipment, kit, training etc, and the loss of income this year due to Covid-19 has had a massive impact.

Yet the lifeboat crews have never stopped being on call 24/7, ready and willing to save lives. They still need protective crew kit and fuel to launch their lifeboats. And their lifeboat stations and lifeboats still need to be maintained and repaired. Your charity support can help them weather the storm. With you beside them, they’ll always be ready, right now and in the future.

And if anybody doubts their dedication – just click here

We hope that you will agree that these virtual races will provide yet another excellent opportunity for you to help local charities who are having serious funding problems because of the Coronavirus pandemic.


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