SwimRun - Sunday 10th 08:30 - Sunday 10th July 2022 13:00

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Before you enter SwimRun

Welcome to Salty Events.  The SwimRun event will take place on the 10th July 2022. 

The shorter SwimRun Fun consists of a total 700m swim and 1.1km run (approx).  Shoes are compulsory, wetsuits are recommended

The SwimRun Full is a total 3km swim and a 3.5km run (approx). Shoes are compulsory and wetsuits are compulsory 


£ 22.00
SwimRun - Full Distance
£ 22.00

£ 17.00
SwimRun - For Fun
£ 17.00

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About SwimRun

Join us for this year's SwimRun. A new event for Salty Events.

What is SwimRun?

SwimRun is a multi discipline event, consisting of swimming and running but there is no transition in between each discipline.  Athletes were a combination of a wetsuit, trainers, hat and goggles and pull buoy and hand paddles. The wetsuit is typically a short legged wetsuit to enable a less restrictive run, but any wetsuit can be used.  The trainers are worn during the swim, and as athletes exit the water, they get straight into the run section.  The use of the pull buoy and paddles supports the heavier legs and drag created from the trainers. 

Salty Events' SwimRun is with a twist and aims to even out the playing field. "How?" I hear you ask...

The first section of the swim will take you up and across the river, from East to West.  You will exit the water at the Adur Rec slip way and begin your first run, around the recreation ground.  Once you have returned, you will re enter the water and swim up river to the next slip way where you will then exit.  Here you can make the decision to begin your final run back to the finish (for the SwimRun Fun event), or continue to head up river to Cuckoo's corner.  You will then enter at the corner and begin your final swim back to the finish.

❗ BUT, the faster you run, the weaker the current will be for your swim. If running isn't your thing, you are in luck. The slower you run, the faster the current will be for your swim.

SwimRun Fun

700m swim in total

1.2km run in total

River Adur - Shoreham

Shoes are compulsory and wetsuits are recommended.  Pull buoys and paddle allowed.  You must be competent and confident in swimming in open water 

SwimRun Full

3km swim in total

3.5km run in total

River Adur - Shoreham

Shoes are and wetsuits are compulsory.  We recommend a wetsuit with short legs to assist in an easier run. Pull buoys and paddle allowed.  You must be competent and confident in swimming in open water 

Please see the attached PDF for the route and distance break down

Please note the route is subject to change based on swim and run conditions


Registration (Adur Rec slip way) 0745-0815

Briefing                                           0815-0820

Walk to start slipway (East side)  0820-0830

Event and Swim 1 start                 0830

We believe in the power of open water and supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our local emergency service workers. That's why our profits will be donated to the charity Mind and to a local open water and paddle boarding project, run at Hove Lagoon.

SwimRun, FUN, freebies, amazing medals...what more do you want?

We are really lucky to have support from www.fenlandrunner.com who are specialised SwimRun retailer and they are offering an amazing 10% off all of their goodies, plus donating a load of swimrun kit to give away.  Your Salty Events discount code will be included in your post registration email so make sure you don't miss out.

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