RUN.JE 5K DASH - Friday 14th 16:00 - Saturday 15th August 2020 10:00

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This is an Island Favourite fast and flat 5k point to point starting at the Freedom Tree and finishing St Aubin. A great evening race in the Summer.  Probably the best opportunity for runners of all abilities to pocket a 2020 PB and enjoy the views across the bay.   Water & snack for all finishers.  The event is timed electronically using Chipped Numbers and times shall go to Run Britain as this is a run over an officially measured licenced 5k course.   Your donations will go straight to Headway. Please be extra generous and also think about entering their 10 miler at the end of November.

The start point is adjacent to the Freedom Tree along waterfront promenade. Runners are reminded to maintain a 1 metre distance with other runners and take note of the markings on floor. Please arrive shortly before the start time.

We are not able to

There is a limited amount of area for finishers and we must insist that runners do not congregate for more than a few minutes after their run.  Its very important that runners do maintain 2 metre distance while you recover after your exertion..


If you require guidance on a health matter before you enter please review this helpful website:   


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