Run for Kezia - Saturday 10th 08:00 - Saturday 10th September 2022 12:00

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Run for Kezia


£ 10.00
Standard Entry 10km
£ 10.00
10km Standard Entry (Ages 15 - 100)

£ 7.50
Standard Entry 5km fun run/ walk
£ 7.50
5km Standard Entry (Ages 11 - 100)

£ 5.00
Standard Entry 2km
£ 5.00
2km Standard Entry (Ages 0 - 130)

Make A Donation

Even if you're not taking part in Run for Kezia you can still do your part for a good cause by making a donation.

About Run for Kezia

Kezia's friends are organising a charity run/ walk in memory of Kezia.  We want to raise awareness and funds for children and young people's mental health in Jersey.  All funds raised will be added to the amount previously raised by Kez's brother Ben.

We are very grateful to our sponsors Oben Law & Regulatory, Grant Thornton, Triverto and Funghi Delecti.

We hope you all get involved with your friends and families and raise lots of funds through sponsorship.

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