Run 2021 - Friday 1st January 00:00 - Friday 31st December 2021 23:55

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Run 2021


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About Run 2021

Run 2021 - pick your ANNUAL goal:

  1. 2021 miles in 2021

  2. 2021 km in 2021

  3. 1021 miles in 2021

  4. 1021 km in 2021

  5. 202.1 miles in 2021 

  6. 21 minutes of ‘exercise’ a day (7665 minutes of exercise over the year) in 2021

You can choose which challenge is going to work each MONTH for you and chop/change as you need be to help you achieve your ANNUAL GOAL:

  1. Run 200 miles

  2. Run 150 miles

  3. Run 100 miles

  4. Run 200 km

  5. Run 150 km

  6. Run 100 km

  7. Run 50 km

  8. Run 5 km a day

  9. Run 1 mile a day

  10. 21 minutes of fitness a day

Work towards the full set of 12 Challenges, 12 medals that connect to form one huge medal for your hard work through 2021.

All included in the above:

Online support – You will have the option of joining a separate facebook group where we will have weekly motivational posts, guest speakers, exercises classes and advice to keep you focused, motivated, healthy and injury free during 2021.


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