Great Norse Run 2024 - Sunday 18th 08:00 - Saturday 24th August 2024 19:00

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Great Norse Run 2024


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Fundraising ( 2 x Ages 16 - 100 , Additional Slots Available Ages 0 - 130 )

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About Great Norse Run 2024


Halló there! Welcome to The Great Norse Run, an expedition like no other. Widely known as “The Land of Fire and Ice”, Iceland is home to some of the largest glaciers in Europe and some of the world’s most active volcanoes. We’re going to weave our way through it all, while waving goodbye to stress, on a ten-day, 209-mile trip of a lifetime. En route you’ll drink Brennivín and eat fermented shark, veer wildly towards volcanoes, stare longingly at Game of Thrones scenery, and—with some amazing new friends—slowly clap your hands overhead in true Skol war-cry style. You'll indulge in hot spring parties with ice-cold beers, pumping music, majestic silence, and eye-poppingly stunning scenery to create truly unforgettable experiences. Leading you into the land of the Vikings will be Danny Bent, world record holder, author, happiness guru, and powerhouse of positivity. This adventure, as with everything Danny does, is as radically inclusive as possible. It’s absolutely not a race; everyone goes at their own pace - walking, jogging or running. 25 miles a day seems a long way, but as a tribe, we can all make it! Expect new friendships, stunning cliff-edge views, heart-pumping climbs, and hearty meals! Top it off with restful nights looking out at the stars and maybe even the magnificent aurora borealis! This is your time. Your adventure. See you on the lava fields.

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