RN Bank Holiday Challenge - 5K Results Leaderboard

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Leaderboard for RN Bank Holiday Challenge - 5K

Entrant Name Age Gender Team Affiliated Club Ticket Time Distance
Alex Pitt 37 U n/a n/a Entry 00:00:19 0 KM
bob Smith 20 U n/a Trail Snails Running Company Entry 00:01:02 n/a
Ellie Dargie 21 U n/a n/a Entry 00:00:00 0 KM
Jon Derbyshire 21 U n/a n/a Entry 00:00:17 0 KM
Liz Barton 28 U n/a n/a Entry 00:31:39 5.09 KM
Nuala Greenwood 46 U n/a n/a Entry 02:14:02 7.38 KM
Sager Hemi 71 U n/a n/a Entry 00:00:04 n/a
Will Golder 32 U n/a n/a Entry 02:30:00 25 KM
Will Golder 32 M Flexi test n/a Flexi 00:00:53 n/a

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About Us

This is the first of our bank holiday challenges! This one is the 5K entry. Please make a results submission of one 5K distance run activity.