Virtual RISE 8K - Sunday 11th 06:00 - Sunday 18th October 2020 23:00

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Virtual RISE 8K

Before you enter Virtual RISE 8K

Please ensure you're physically able to complete an 8km walk or run before entering the event. 


Unfortunately, we have reached capacity on this event. The date for next year's RISE 8K is Sunday 3rd October 2021. Entries are opening soon!

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About Virtual RISE 8K

This virtual 8K option replaces the 2020 RISE 8K for Women, which unfortunately has been cancelled due to the rising number of cases of COVID-19 across the region. Run or walk your 8K anytime between Sunday 11th October and Sunday 18th October 2020. Submit your result using the Race Nation app, or email with your 8km evidence (Strava is our preferred app) and you will be added to the leaderboard and sent your 2020 8K medal. 

Being virtual, this event is now open to women AND men! We would also love you to fundraise at the same time. 

Visit our website for further information on fundraising options, or donate whilst you're here! Thank you

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