Richard Bull Memorial 102 Mile Ride - Sunday 13th September 2020

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Richard Bull Memorial 102 Mile Ride

Before you enter Richard Bull Memorial 102 Mile Ride

Signing on for the Richard Bull 102 Mile Memorial Ride     

Organised by Tom Bull & The FRIENDS OF JERSEY ONCOLOGY Charity

In order to comply with COVID guidelines, groups should remain in numbers less than 40 at any one time and we will keep a record of who is attending the ride for tracing purposes only.  The information will be deleted 28 days after the event.

NOTE All under 18s must have signed parental consent or a chaperone for the ride.**

By signing up for the event, the rider agrees to the terms and conditions outlined in the disclaimer* below. 


Richard Bull Memorial 102 Mile Ride sign up

If the tickets sell out for the ride you want to go on, please write a note on the facebook page expressing your interest.

If there is enough interest we will add another start time for a specific distance. 

Otherwise please consider joining one of the other distances if you are able to. 

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About Richard Bull Memorial 102 Mile Ride

This year we ride 102 Miles to celebrate cycling in Jersey!
1, 2 or 3 laps gives access to all riders and this year we open the 1 lap to E Riders as well.

34 miles is now accessible for e-riders as well as standard cycles, so there is no reason not to join in!
68 miles is the challenge route for those wanting a long ride, perhaps your longest ever!
The 102 mile ride remains the epic challenge for those wanting to push their boundaries.

A map of the course is downloadable after entry.

FoJO - Friends of Jersey Oncology

Our vision is to ensure that all patients, their families and loved ones have access to the best possible information, tailored practical help and support on-island through their cancer journey.

With the help of local individuals and businesses, we are dedicated to making a meaningful difference to those in Jersey and their families who are affected by cancer.

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