Richard Bull 105 Memorial Ride

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About Richard Bull 105 Memorial Ride

This year we ride 105 Miles to celebrate cycling in Jersey!

I have split the sign on into the number of laps being undertaken. 

1, 2 or 3 laps gives access to all riders and this year we open the 1 and 2 laps to E Riders if you have that range!?

35 miles is now accessible for all adults and for new riders a good challenge taking 2-3 hours. 


75 miles is the challenge route for those wanting a long ride, perhaps your longest ever taking 4-6 hours! 

The 105 mile ride remains the epic challenge for those wanting to push their boundaries. Not for those who haven't specifically trained, this is the longest ride in Jersey this year.

The Charity - This year I am delighted to confirm that Les Amis will receive any funds raised through donations.

Please give what you can!

The Route - Following feedback from previous events we will retain the North of island figure of 8! 

Start at the Track at Les Quennevais

Decend down La Pulante, the Five, up the hill past the Pearl to St Ouen's village, North coast all the way to Rue du Villot descending down to Archirondel. No nice coastal circuit - this year we go up Gorey Hill all the way to the Zoo! Then we follow the route out back (While waving to the other cyclists taking part). Once back at St Ouen, we turn and head through St Peter and around the Airport to the Water station (Cake and Coffee) at the Frank Machon Track which is also where you will finish.

You can always do a lap or two if you find you are short of mileage! 

Start Times 

3 laps leaves at 7am, gather from 640am.

2 laps leaves at 7am gather from 640am

1 lap leaves 8.30am, gather from 815am.

Training - Hopefully you have been training already. 

Try a 75% distance ride before the event to gauge your fitness and ability, review your food and water requirements and perhaps take in the route. 

Please Spread the word! The more the merrier!  Be proud of your achievement!

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