Rare Recovery Stars 5K London - Saturday 16th 11:00 - Saturday 16th April 2022 12:00

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Rare Recovery Stars 5K London

Before you enter Rare Recovery Stars 5K London

Meeting point at Woolwich Arsenal DLR Station on Saturday, 16th of April 2022 at 09:30 a.m. 

Please seek for the "Rare Recovery Fitness Stars" flag on the right side of station.

Take as reference the Costa Coffee once outside the DLR station.



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About Rare Recovery Stars 5K London

Welcome to the first edition of " Rare Recovery Stars" London 5K race ! 

Participating in this 5K run across the riverside of River Thames till reach Gallions Hills where you will enjoy a 360° landscape view and crossing the finish line at Woolwich Royal Riverside Pier, getting your amazing medal along other runners who they have overcome a rare disease. 

Thanks to your participation and cooperation it will be possible to create awareness regarding rare diseases and to be able to involve people who have recovered to get more comfortable and accepted within sport events. 

The practice of sport and taking part into outdoors activities will be a huge benefit looking at people seeking for a supportive group ready to help and to practice healthy activities together. 

The inclusive spirit of this group and the will to share benefits throughout a balance between mental wellbeing, talking support, sharing experiences, and recovering the abilities of our body, getting the flexibility and the strenght through an accurate effort of rehabilitation. 

The aim of this group it's to create a safe environment where everyone it's welcome to enjoy us and to find themselves at the speed they need. 


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