Personal Obstacle Coaching 2021 - Wednesday 24th June 2020 08:00 - Thursday 30th September 2021 22:00

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Personal Obstacle Coaching 2021

Before you enter Personal Obstacle Coaching 2021

If you are looking to improve your technique or work on some new stuff, then i'm ready to help you achieve your goals, I have many years experience as an obstacle coach and i'm one of only two Level 2 Spartan SGX Coaches in the UK. it doesn't matter if you are an elite athlete looking to improve your technique or a first timer, i'm very confident i will help you improve.

Its best to contact me to arrange a time before you book, but if you want to commit now then book and we will arrange a time after.

Cost is £40 per hour or you can save by booking 4 sessions for £140 which saves £5 per session.

It may be that you are just looking to get back to training in which case you don't have to be coached and can spend your hour with sole use of OPP


Personal Obstacle Coaching - Block Booking
£ 140.00
Personal Obstacle Coaching - Block Booking (Ages 15 - 60)

Personal Obstacle Coaching
£ 40.00
Personal Obstacle Coaching (Ages 15 - 60)

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