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About My Club My Journey

Welcome to the home of the My Club My Journey programme.

Jersey Cricket's newest initiative to provide more opportunities for young cricketers to enjoy club cricket on the island.

All players wishing to take part in the programme must select from one of Jersey's four Premier League clubs. Each club will have a squad at U11 and U13 age group levels. Its important that you select the correct age group as per below:

School Year 5 & 6 = U11s
School Year 7 & 8 = U13s

The age group squads will be capped at 20 players. Once the squads have been filled, players will need to choose another club in order to take part in the programme. Please note that each calendar year a new registration period will take place so players are able to change if necessary.

The links below will take you to the club's homepage where you can find some more information about each club before making your final decision.

Rathbones OV's:

St Ouen Springfield:

RGA Walkovers:

Farmers Caesareans:

If you have already decided then you can scroll down on this page and sign up to the club directly by adding a club ticket to your basket now. Please ensure you enter your child's name when filling out the registration page.

Who will you choose for 2020?

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