Muddy Warrior Endurance Challenge - Saturday 24th 00:00 - Sunday 25th April 2021 23:00

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Muddy Warrior Endurance Challenge


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About Muddy Warrior Endurance Challenge

Welcome to the Second Muddy Challenge ! 

This one is all about endurance, taking time for yourself and consistently working towards your goals. 

There is the option of a 12hr or 24hr option and the challenge is to walk or run one mile every hour for the duration between 27th and 28th March. 

For the competitive ones among you, the fastest cumulative completion time for the miles in both the 12hr and 24hr challenges will be receiving some Muddy Merchandise. 

If you wish to be considered for this prize you must log your miles via a GPS device on Strava and attach this as evidence to you time submission on Race Nation. 

Think you are up to the challenge ? 


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