Muddy Challenge One - Monday 15th 00:00 - Sunday 21st February 2021 23:00

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Muddy Challenge One


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About Muddy Challenge One

Welcome Muddy Warriors to the first Muddy Challenge ! 

This months goal is to run 50km between 15th and 21st February. 

You are in charge of this virtual challenge, as such you choose: 

1. Where to complete 

2. When to complete 

3. How to complete 

The only thing that matters is that you log 50km over those 7 days. 

This challenge is not about pace it is about committing to spend time enjoying the outdoors ! You can run it all in one go or steadily over the week, the choice is yours. You can even choose to walk some of the distance if you prefer. 

You must log your distance using a GPS device, this can be a watch or simply via the Strava app by joining Club Muddy Mountain Miles. No fancy devices or equipment needed here. 

If you are using Strava please be aware you must log the activity as a 'Run' or your results will not carry over to the challenge, however no one is judging if you choose to walk elements of this challenge to achieve the 7 day goal ! 

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