Gut Buster December 2022 - Saturday 31st 10:00 - Saturday 31st December 2022 13:00

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Gut Buster December 2022

Before you enter Gut Buster December 2022

We are VERY excited to be staging the Gut Buster in December 2022 on SATURDAY 31 DECEMBER 2022 - all things being well!! The Gut Buster is perfect for burning off those excessive calories between Christmas & New Year and a fantastic way to end 2022! You'll have a choice of distances, 10km or 10 miles over beautiful multi terrain courses, but either way, you'll be a Gut Buster!

Location: Butlers Lands Farm, The Studio, Mortimer, Berkshire (UK), RG7 2AG


£ 28.42
10k Entry
£ 27.00
Standard entry
+ Admin fees £ 1.42

£ 31.58
10 Mile entry
£ 30.00
Standard entry
+ Admin fees £ 1.58

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